Idaho Library Snapshot Day 2016

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Idaho Library Snapshot Day 2016 Results

In April 2016, during National Library Week, Idaho libraries from around the state tracked their activities with statistics and photos, creating a snapshot of a day in the life of Idaho libraries and capturing the impact they have on their communities.


- 4:13 video
- Document with complete results and participating libraries
- #IDSnapshotDay

35 libraries participated, submitting statistics and/or photos:
• 27 public library locations
•   6 school libraries
•   1 academic library
•   1 special library

In one day in these Idaho libraries:
10,981 people visited. 
85 classes visited school libraries.
18,401 items were circulated. 
1,340 reference questions were answered. 
625 unique searches were made in research databases.
51 job seekers were helped (résumé, job search, etc.).
842 students were helped (homework).
1,571 people used the public access computers (Internet/word processing/games, etc.).
367 student computer users
667 people used the Internet with their own devices.
324 volunteer hours were worked.
192 people were taught computer/device/Internet skills.
160 library cards were issued/borrowers were registered.

Libraries reported celebrating Beverly Cleary's 100th Birthday, Drop Everything and Read Day, National Library Week, National Volunteer Week, and National Poetry Month. They also had art classes, Guys Read Book Group, TRIO outreach, board meetings, Weight Watching Community Group, first-grade classes visiting the public library for the first time, Maker Program Stealth Engagement, Book Sales, customer service for Talking Book Service users, and poetry classes/contests.

Programs and activities:
1,147 people attended programs. 
      93 people toured their library.
   144 people learned about the library in outreach visits to schools or other agencies.
   151 people attended classes (technology, tutoring, ESL, etc.).
   546 people in community groups used meeting rooms.

Other activities included Quilting Club,  STEAM Club making “Veggie Men,” an Edible Book Contest, Music & Movement, TINKERLAB experimenting with ice coloring, visiting Head Start, visits from pre-school DayCares, school group visits for homework help, afterschool homework help, math tutoring sessions, reading/language classes, STEM Math & Science, groups testing for state test, and proctoring for students taking distance courses.

Comments from library users:
• We love baby storytime! Can’t wait until RFID starts! I love this library! Of course you can take our photo!
• How do I program the robot? Can I throw the robot?
• I love your children’s section, I grew up in a small town and libraries are very important to a community.
• This looks like a fun place for kids!
• Can we do this every day?!? in response to Maker Day program.
• They really like what we've done with the children’s corner and the paperback risers on the bottom shelves. Makes it much easier to see the titles.
• The book ladies love my chocolate eyes!
• I love this book, can I keep it?
• For such a small library, you guys do a lot!
• We are so lucky to have a library here and such good programs.
• You guys do a lot for our community with the programs.
• We love all that you do.
• Our favorite for the day, was a male High School Teacher who came to supervise a group of Seniors for Service Day, who obviously had not been to the Library for a very long time, walked around the Library (while his group of Seniors were doing their service projects, and was like a kid in a candy store, saying “ have DVDs to check out? have computers and can anyone use them?” He walked around the whole Library and was very impressed by the new remodeled Reading Room and it was fun to see how excited he got and he said, “I am definitely going to recommend that people really need to come to the Library!” It was fun to see him so excited!
• Love the Library! It’s like the center of Town!
• Like your Café set-up; very nice and charming.
• The Library is very conducive for studying and doing homework.
• Love the congeniality and friendly help of the Library.
• BEST return on any tax paid.
• Believe the Library serves a vital role especially in our smaller community.
• Staff always very helpful with anything needed and answers any questions.
• It was our first time and my Grandkids loved it! We will be back.
• This is the nicest, most active Library (all around) that I have been in and it is exciting to see so many involved here in this community.
• I really appreciate the help of the Staff every time I come in the Library.
• This is the most awesome place to hang-out and meet friends.
• Your new library is so fancy! I love all the space, the architecture, and the activities.
• I really like the service-thanks I have loved your services for a long, long time! I love the Talking Book Service! I have a friend who gave it up, and I can't figure that out.
• You always have the newest books! Thank you for taking the time to order new things for us.
• You are so helpful.
• This Library is so clean and inviting and friendly. We love how this library is decorated and user friendly.
• We love our library ladies!
• One student gave me a wonderful note, written in purple marker, "Say what a day it has been going to the library is the Best at the Scool!"
• Mrs. Gallegos, You’re the best librarian I ever had (1st grader).
• One quote from a patron on our Beverly Cleary Party: “Thank you for a fun party celebrating one of our most favorite authors! We loved learning about Beverly Cleary.”

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  • Idaho Library Snapshot Day showcases the valuable services that  Idaho’s libraries provide to patrons and students. Show your stakeholders what the library does! In April 2016, during National Library Week, Idaho libraries from around the state will track their activities with statistics and photos, creating a snapshot of a day in the life of Idaho libraries and capturing the impact they have on their communities.

    How to participate in Idaho Snapshot Day 2016

    Choose any day during National Library Week -- Sunday April 10 to Saturday April 16, 2016. (If testing, spring break or other activities prevent your library from participating during National Library Week, pick a day before that week.) You can even share your Idaho Snapshot Day activities using the hashtag: #IDSnapshotDay
    Idaho Library Snapshot Day is designed to capture the impact that Idaho libraries have on their communities on a typical day. Snapshot Day is also a great time to collect library user comments and take photos for your website or other promotional materials.
    How it works:
    Idaho libraries--public, school, academic, and special--document their activities for one day and then enter the results on the online survey. The information will be compiled on an online Results page on the Idaho Commission for Libraries website.
    1. Select a day during the week of April 10-16 to participate (or previous to that if that week doesn't work for your library).
    2. Let your staff know you are participating in Library Snapshot Day.
    3. Print the Printable Survey Form. Review it with your staff and keep copies at all of your service desks.
    4. Download any of the other Customizable Tools below that will be useful for your library (Photo Release Form, Library User Comment Forms, etc.)
    5. Watch for reminder emails/updates on LibIdaho.
    6. Participate on whichever date you’ve selected.
    7. Submit your statistics on the online survey at by Friday, April 22, 2016.
    8. Submit any photos to by Friday, April 22, 2016. Photo size should be about 1 MB to 3 MB.
    9. Watch for a link (on LibIdaho) to the “Results” page after April 30.
    Customizable Tools:
    (adapted from tools shared by the American Library Associations and libraries that have previously held Library Snapshot Days)
    Online Form for Submitting Statistics:
    Questions? Contact:
    Teresa Lipus (ICfL) at  
    Jeannie Standal (ICfL) at
    Read more about Library Snapshot Day on the American Library Association's website at

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