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I wanted an OPAC

I wanted an OPAC so I used LibraryThing to help actualize that desire:
Stevens-Henager College, Boise Campus Library Catalog

Next I will get a system as sophisticated as the one at the Idaho Correctional Center Library....

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    The Damn Phone!

    So, last week I come back from lunch, and my coworker Amy tells me that I've got to listen to this voice mail. At Twin Falls Public Library, we occasionally get busy and when that happens, we are instructed to ignore the phone and focus on the patron that comes in. The result is that the person calling is sent to voice mail, which informs them that we are busy but please leave a message.

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    What's to Tell?

    Hi everyone!

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    LiLI-D Trial Databases

    Trial Database Information for potential products for LiLI-D replacements

    These trials have been set up for the evaluators who are reviewing the possible replacement products for LiLI-D. Please feel free to try out any or all of these databases. You may also pass this trial information onto your colleagues and library users. Please note that these are trials only and will expire on the date provided depending on the vendor. Feel free to send any comments to me regarding any of these products.

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    Waiter Rant

    So I just finished this book last night- Waiter Rant: Thanks for the Tip-- Confessions of a Cynical Waiter by the Waiter. It was actually pretty good. I was expecting more horror stories and rantings like in his blog, but it was more of his musings on life as a waiter.

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    Welcome to something new

    Hello there,

    Pretty spiffy, this new website eh? I'm glad you stopped by and signed up for all sorts of goodies available to you via the good folks at ICFL and WebJunction. I'm also glad that you and I will be sharing our collective wisdom, stories, and experiences with everyone in Idaho libraryland.

    So, tell me your story...

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      And oh, just so you know, I'm not doing this solely for the prize, although it's a nice bonus. :)

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        And introducing... ME!

        Well, hello, to all you fellow librarians out there. This is Beth Twitchell, Reference Librarian Rockstar and Literary Empowerment Coach, hailing to you from Twin Falls, Idaho. I'm really excited for this new site. I mean, where else do I get a chance to blog and talk with other librarians, and still be able to claim that I'm working? :)

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        Multigenerational Programs on Saturdays

        I'm excited! Our new Saturday programs begin tomorrow! This week is family storytime (Theme for this week is Pizza stories and craft) and a computer coaching session on our geneology databases: and HeritageQuest. This programming is made possible by an LSTA grant and is a giant shift for Nampa.

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        New PDS Materials

        New Materials available through the Professional Development Service

        Available for viewing 6/09/08

        Available for check out by public 7/09/08

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