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e-branch at PNLA

Yesterday, 8/09/2007, we did a presentation on e-branch for the PNLA conference in Edmonton.

It went very well, and the participating libraries' sites that we showcased impressed the audience. They represented a lot of hard work by the Idaho libraries involved, and they reflected well on our project and the level of professionalism in Idaho libraries.

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Online Library Card Application

E-branch libraries now have the option of providing online library card applications to their users.

It works like this

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Forums Taken Down

We've removed the forums feature from this site due to lack of activity/interest.

I'd had high hopes that we could conduct most of our e-branch support via this venue and thus build up something of a searchable knowledge-base that folks could query before calling us or emailing questions, since we often answer the same questions time and again.

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e-branch Upgrade Went Smoothly

On Sunday April 22nd, 2007 we upgraded our Drupal software to take advantage of Drupal's 5.x branch. The process went smoothly, as we'd done much testing and planning in advance.

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e-branch Upgrade on April 22nd

We’ve scheduled an upgrade to the e-branch in a box service for the morning of Sunday, April 22nd, beginning at approximately 8am, expected to finish by 12 noon. Downtime per individual library web site is expected to be approximately 10 minutes.

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Pandora's Themes

The most often heard request from our participating e-branch libraries is "more themes."

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Managing Change, e-branch Style

Part of the work of ensuring the longevity of a project such as the e-Branch project involves change management.

In managing change, it’s important to know what you value, and what to do when those values conflict. For the e-branch project, we’ve developed the following list of values, ranked in priority order:

  1. Security
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e-branch System's Underlying Assumptions

Please pardon if these thoughts are a bit rambling, but I've excerpted them from an email exchange with one of our e-branch participants:

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Trainings happening next week.

Our first e-branch in a box trainings will be happening next week! Attendees will begin the setup of their web sites during the training and leave with either a ready-to-go site, or one that they only need apply a little more of what they've learned to make road-worthy.

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Project Update

We're moving closer to the launch of the e-branch project!

At the end of October and beginning of November the Idaho Commission for Libraries will provide training sessions across the state. Sign up! Each library that attends a session will have an e-branch site to work on - with the intent that they'll leave the workshop with a ready-to-launch site.