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Hooray for Life's Ingredients

Programming around books has always seemed a natural fit for public libraries. The Community Library Network has led a North Idaho Reads project for several years and we wrapped up our 2013 effort in October.

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Who volunteers in Idaho?

"People in my community don't use the computer to look for volunteer positions" is a frequent comment heard about recruiting volunteers online via VolunteerMatch.

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Mid-life Adults Celebrate Intellectual Freedom

In my first semester of library school, I gave a presentation on Lester Asheim’s article “Not Censorship but Selection.” It was a lucky twist of fate that I was randomly assigned Asheim’s article because it articulated so well the culture of intellectual freedom that I had picked up during my years of library work.

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Training of staff, volunteers and the public is an ongoing task in all libraries. Just when we think all the staff have the skills they need something else comes along that everyone needs to learn, or a new employee will be hired and the basics need to be taught all over again.

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Volunteering from a Librarian's Perspective

At the PNLA conference last week, I participated in the "Volunteers Build Communities" volunteering opportunity at the Boys and Girls Club of Ada County.

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Need a Job? Volunteer!

The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) recently published a report that supports the connection between volunteering and finding a job.

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Health Insurance Literacy

Provisions of the Affordable Healthcare Act continue to go into effect.  Effective in January 2014, Americans without health care coverage are required to enroll for health insurance.  Much confusion exists about the law's requirements and how they affect users.  Fortunately, libraries can help users bridge the information gap through the Health Insurance Literacy partnership.

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Idaho's Mid-Life Adult Advisory Committee at Work

The 8 members of the Mid-Life Adult Advisory Committee represent public libraries from all areas of the state.  Their willingness to experiment with new ideas and share their successful (and even their not so successful) activities is providing a wealth of information for programming for the 50-65 year audience. At a recent meeting, committee members shared ideas and discussed differe

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Getting Staff On-Board with Volunteer Engagement

Building a successful volunteer program requires staff to understand the many ways volunteers can support the library.  There are many reasons staff may not initially support the idea of using volunteers: too little time to train and manage them, perceived volunteer unreliability, and an assumption that volunteers can perform alimited number of tasks are just a few reasons.&

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Muslim Journeys with the Ada Community Library Victory Branch

In October 2012, Ada Community Library, Victory Branch applied for the Bridging Cultures: Muslim Journeys Bookshelf Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and the American Library Association (ALA).