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Fling Down the Challenges, Break Out the Goodies, and Watch Them Go Wild!

Out here in Eastern Idaho we’re gearing up for summer reading. It takes a huge amount of preparation, but every June when we see those beaming faces and know that we’re helping to feed so many eager minds, there’s no question that it’s all worth it. And besides it’s a great example to the kids when dad and grandma are making their reading goals.

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The Truth About Volunteering

The New Year is a time of fresh starts and new beginnings. The old year with all its mistakes, regrets, and missed opportunities rapidly fades away from the vantage point of January, and we see only months ahead that are free of everything but possibilities and good intentions. It’s no wonder that most of us follow the tradition of making resolutions at the New Year.

Brain Health Center Supplies!

I had the priviledge of attending ALA's Midwinter meeting in Seattle January 25-29.  I had an amazing time and enjoyed every minute of every meeting, presentation, and discussion.

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Exercises for the Brain?!

Looking for some fun games that will also improve your brain health?  FitBrains is the place to start!  Designed by clinical neuropsychologist Dr.

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Managing Volunteers Using Volunteers?

Is trying to organize and manage a volunteer management program getting you down?  Here's a tip: recruit a volunteer to help!  Using a volunteer will save time and energy and demonstrate to staff how effective a volunteer can be.  Volunteer Manager Susan Ellis' article Practicing What We Preach: Volunteer

Tips for Improving Your Volunteer Postings

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Are you using VolunteerMatch?

Are you posting volunteer opportunities at your library but getting no takers?

Tap Into Your Volunteer Base!

Did you know there is an incredible tool available for every publicly funded library in Idaho that gives them direct access to the volunteers in their community? Well there is!

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Idaho leads in volunteering!

According to the National Corporation for Community Service, in 2011 Idaho had the 2nd highest percentage of volunteers in the 50 states and territories (38.8% compared to Utah's 40.9%). Idaho's volunteers contributed 68.7 million hours of service totaling $1.4 billion. That's 58.4 volunteer hours per resident!