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Tech Coaches are us!

The Tech Coach position was one of the first volunteer positions created at the Ada Community Library Victory Branch. It was developed in response to staff members’ evaluation of what would be most useful to support beneficial customer service.

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Writing Volunteer Handbooks

VolunteerMatch continues to offer free resources to help non-profit organizations develop and maintain effective volunteer programs.  I recently attended a webinar on writing a volunteer handbook.  Similar to an employee handbook, it contains information about policies and procedures volunteers should be familiar with.  One of the most important steps emphasized is to include sta

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Programming for Mid-Life Adults and Beyond

I was inspired by our speakers at the ILA Pre Conference, Dr. Paul Nussbaum and Stephen Ristau. Stephen highlighted some libraries doing innovative programming for that would appeal to mid-life adults and I have compiled a few of those ideas in the hopes that you could find something that might resonate for your patrons.

Brain Health Exercises

Now that you have read all about the Library As a Brain Health Center, you know how important it is to exercise your brain. So how about some brain health exercises to keep you young.

SuperBetter helps you achieve your health goals — or recover from an illness or injury — by increasing your personal resilience. Resilience means staying curious,

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Community Project as Library Project

I was reading an article on Next Avenue's site about how to successfully implement a community project and it started me thinking. We have been discussing the importance of offering programs designed to interest mid-life adults. Why couldn't a library take the lead on a community project and make it into an engaging project for their patrons?

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7 Reasons Volunteering Can Lead to a Job

Some people start volunteering because they’re passionate about a cause. Michael Burke, a Baltimore chef, began volunteering because he got rheumatoid arthritis. That decision paved the way to his current paid job.

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Commission Seeking Successful Programming Examples for Adults 50+

Is your library doing something creative, fun, innovative, or just plain awesome that would appeal to those 50 years and older? The Commission is looking for programming examples to share throughout Idaho and the nation.

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Movie Discussions at the Library!

When the Library!

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Libraries as Brain Health Centers summary

Libraries as Brain Health Centers
Most of us know the basics of a healthy body lifestyle: good nutrition, plenty of rest and exercise, no smoking. But what is a healthy brain lifestyle?