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Demo of Guided Capitol Tour at ILA

photo of Jeff Tucker and Shirley Biladeau at ILA Capitol Tour session

During the Idaho Library Association (ILA) Annual Conference we took a guided virtual tour of the State Capitol Building.

Guided Virtual Tour of Capitol for Libraries

Screen shot of Capitol of Light tour

To provide more students and residents of Idaho the opportunity to participate in a Capitol Tour, the Idaho Legislative Services Office (LSO) and Idaho Public Television (IdahoPTV) produced a Virtual Capitol Tour based on the current tour program that the LSO operates.

Tel-A-Claim for unemployment insurance to be discontinued July 21, 2013

picture of Tel-a-claim poster

The Idaho Department of Labor is discontinuing the option to call in to file weekly unemployment claims, effective July 21, 2013. After that, filing online using the Internet will be the only reporting method available. Below are links to “Tel-A-Claim Discontinued” flyers and posters you can post in your library to inform your library users who may come in to file a claim online.

BTOP project awards in the news

online @ your library logo

Two Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) projects were recognized at the Idaho Press Club May 18, 2013 with 2012 Awards:
- "" pulled in 2nd prize in "Website-Special Purpose-TV"
- "Media Online @ Your Library" earned 3rd prize in "Website-Special Purpose-Online Only Program."

BTOP update

online @ your library logo

As the Idaho Commission for Libraries (ICfL) wraps up the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) grant project, we continue to get the word out about online resources, evaluate the project’s impact, and support libraries’ efforts to bridge the digital divide.

Broadband adoption/digital literacy toolkits

EveryoneOn logo

Two toolkits for advancing broadband adoption and digital literacy have recently been made available:

3.21 - Launching "EveryoneOn" Campaign

"everyone on" logo

March 21, 2013 a three-year national public service campaign to promote digital literacy will launch.

What is the campaign?

The campaign, called EveryoneOn, is to encourage people who are non- or limited Internet users  to learn how to do “one thing better online.”

Shirley Biladeau's picture

Refugee Health Information Network

Attending the Idaho Refugee Conference today, sharing all the great resources that has to offer.  Just discovered a great site called Refugee Health Information Network -- great multilingual resource for librarians, refugees and healthcare health providers.

    BTOP: new online resources

    online @ your library logo

    The Idaho Commission for Libraries (ICfL) is wrapping up the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) grant project. Although the grant period ended in December 2012, the benefits will continue statewide as we add online resources: