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New e-Branch in a Box skin

Image of new skin
The new skin allows for customization of the colors and the block corners so your e-Branch site can be even more individual! The "Fun Corners" skin will use the same colors that you have set for the "Default" skin so you don't need to re-configure.

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Summer Reading 2009 Materials

Each year, the Collaborative Summer Library Program provides us with materials to use in our Summer Reading programs. As a participant in this program, we have access to these items for a predefined time period and that time has passed for 2009.

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Additional GrandCentral Skins Added

Two new Skins are now available (part of the GrandCentral theme) to all e-Branch in a Box participating sites:

Summer Fun Skin

Western Shed Skin

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e-Branch Project Roadmap

We have set a tentative target of June May for the next major upgrade of the Drupal software behind our e-Branch web site hosting project for Idaho libraries.

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Removal of Summer Reading Media

To comply with the Collaborative Summer Library Program ( guidelines, the 2008 Summer Reading e-Branch in a Box Themes (Metamorphosis @ Your Library and Catch the Reading Bug) have been removed from all the e-Branch participating sites. If you had any pages that tapped into the theme switching capabilities, I have switched them out to your default theme.

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Adding Google Calendars to Your Site

One of the biggest requests that we have received in recent months is adding calendar functionality to the e-Branch in a Box system. Through much trial and error on our own site using various modules, we have finally found a solution: Google Calendar (GCal).

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New E-Branch in a Box Handbook

For this fall's e-Branch in a Box training sessions, the print version of the e-Branch in a Box handbook has undergone a significant overhaul. The bulk of the questions about using the system revolved around working with the TinyMCE content editor. With these questions in mind, the new guide addresses how to work with the editor and deemphasizes the initial setup types of tasks.

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New Training Events

We've announced it in other places, but it obviously is appropriate to announce it here:

There is a new round of training planned for e-branch in October!

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e-branch at PNLA

Yesterday, 8/09/2007, we did a presentation on e-branch for the PNLA conference in Edmonton.

It went very well, and the participating libraries' sites that we showcased impressed the audience. They represented a lot of hard work by the Idaho libraries involved, and they reflected well on our project and the level of professionalism in Idaho libraries.