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NEA Foundation Offers Funding for Public School Library Books

Deadline: November 20, 2008

The NEA Foundation in collaboration with the National Education Association is accepting applications for Books Across America Library Books Awards. The program will make awards of $1,000 each to public schools working to provide economically disadvantaged students with new books in their school libraries.

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E-rate: Get your $$ (Form 472 - BEAR - 2007-2008)

Now is the time to submit Form 472 (BEAR, Billed Entity Applicant Reimbursement) to get your money for the year that ended June 30, 2008. You have 120 days after the end of service (October 28), or 120 days after receiving a funding commitment, whichever is later, to submit for reimbursement.

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Grant Opportunities for Cultural Preservation

Here are two different grants that may provide an opportunity for your community to preserve its cultural heritage.

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Barbara Bush Foundation Grant Opportunity

The Barbara Bush Foundation announced the 2009 national grant competition for Family Literacy - Deadline: September 5, 2008

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ALA - Anaheim -- Grant Opportunities

Two opportunities you might want to look into:

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LSTA Grants Awarded

Recent Grants awarded:


  • Lewiston City Library — Access for All Seniors Outreach Homebound $1,980.00
  • Kootenai Shoshone Lib. — Access for All Seniors Outreach Program Seniors $2,000.00

6/11/2008 - Read to Me State Grants

  • Ada Community Library - Star $5,000.00
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E-rate Waves 7 & 8

Libraries that received funding commitments for e-rate in Waves 7 and 8 are:

  • Kootenai-Shoshone Area Libraries (Wave 7)
  • Twin Falls (Wave 7)
  • Clarkia (Wave 8)
  • Clearwater District (Wave 8)
  • Jerome (Wave 8)

The total funding commitment for Idaho libraries in Waves 1-8 is $98,566.80.

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    E-Rate: Wave 6

    You may ask, what about Wave 5? No libraries received funding commitments in Wave 5, but Emmett is the lucky recipient in Wave 6.

    The total amount committed to Idaho libraries in Waves 1-6 is $56,599.89.

    Want to get in on this but don't know where to start? Give me a call or drop me a line!

    Jan Wall
    Public Library E-rate Coordinator
    Idaho Commission for Libraries

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    Recent LSTA Grants Awarded

    Congratulations Recipients!

    • Stanley Public Library was awarded an Advocacy Grant for use for Teen Gaming
    • Ada Community was awarded an Advocacy Grant for a Digital Native Summit
    • Boise Basin Library District was awarded an Advocacy Grant for eAudiobooks
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    Gates Grants

    From the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation website:

    "In 2007, the foundation launched a new grant program called Opportunity Online. The program is designed to help the 40 percent of U.S. public libraries still struggling to provide reliable technology services for people with no other access to computers and the Internet."