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ICFL "Cool" staff

ICFL staff is prepared to "Beat the Heat" with hats and sunglasses for TBS Awareness Day. 20 public libraries statewide are planning activities during the week of August 17-21. Activities will:

  • Raise Idaho's citizens awareness about this free, statewide service
  • Highlight resources available in local libraries for persons unable to read standard print
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Library outreach

Earlier this week I visited 7 public libraries in Bingham, Bonneville, and Jefferson counties to discuss the Talking Book Service. I enjoyed meeting with library staff and touring their libraries. I was impressed with the variety of resources available to persons unable to read standard print.

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Retrospective TBS titles available

We've just finished selecting the 1500+ titles that will be distributed in digital format when the Talking Book Service transition begins next year. These titles will be available on cartridges and will play on the new digital players.

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Reading Alternatives

The transition to the digital format in the Talking Book Service presents a whole new way to read for those requiring reading alternatives. Users can now download books from NLS BARD onto specialized players. The database is available 24/7 and contains a growing collection (more than 11,000 titles at this time) of books from the NLS collection.

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Books on Tape Update Spring 2008

The Spring 2008 Books on Tape Update newsletter, order forms, and podcasts are now available for download.