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SWIM Graduates: Where are they now? Part 2

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In the Jan/Feb 2014 issue of the Nexus e-newsletter we followed up with several graduates of the South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana (SWIM) Regional Collaborative Library Education Project, which was funded through a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program. Following are stories from some of the other SWIM graduates.

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Community Awareness -- Free Content

All librarians are encouraged to use and repurpose the articles on ALA's public awareness website,, to highlight the resources available every day at libraries.  All the information is available under a Creative Commons license that allows libraries to repurpose content in either an online or offline format, with proper crediting to   So w

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Rethinking Volunteerism

Rethinking Volunteerism, the 2014 Serve Idaho conference theme, is the perfect opportunity for library staff to examine their assumptions about volunteers and see firsthand how volunteering has changed in the last 10 years.  The two day conference, March 4 and 5, at the Red Lion Hotel Downtowner in Boise, offers numerous opportunities to gain practical knowledge about all as

SPLAT Corner: Gizmo Garage

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ICfL’s Gizmo Garage – Closing the Digital Divide, One Device at a Time

By Jezmynne Dene, Director, Portneuf District Library, Chubbuck, ID

Extreme Customer Service

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by Shirley Biladeau, Continuing Education Consultant

SWIM Graduates: Where are They Now?

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In 2010, four states—South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana (SWIM)—collaborated to provide education scholarships for librarians and library media specialists to work in the region’s rural communities through the SWIM Regional Collaborative Library Education Project.

Customer Service—A Skill or a Culture?

Kuna motto: Patrons are the REASON not the interruption!

by Shirley Biladeau, continuing education consultant

Let’s explore the question “Is customer service a skill to hire for —or is it a workplace culture?” 

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Turning the Page - Geek the Library

Five Idaho libraries, along with 5 Washington state libraries, successfully completed the Turning the Page in November. Congratulations to Cascade Public Library, Eagle Public Library, East Bonner Library District, Gooding Public Library and Grangeville Centennial Library for pulling together a Library Community Building Team.

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Learn. Lead. Inspire. Idaho's First Library Unconference

What is an unconference?  Well, if you go to a conference and find yourself wishing that you could continue the conversation in the hallway rather than attend the next session, this might be for you.  An unconference takes those hallway conversations with like minded people about the topics that are important to you and makes them the topics of the sessions.