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Processing the Future

There is a story in my family that my sisters love to tell. Apparently I never spoke–until I went to school. I came home from my first day in Kindergarten, told everyone about my day, and haven’t stopped talking since. That’s their story. Years later, I can now explain to them that I simply process things verbally. It’s a wonderful way to make sense of new ideas, inspirations, and experiences. Maybe this is why I like the idea of blogging so much; it’s a great way to process. And, more importantly, to process as a community.

Earlier this week, I was provided the opportunity to listen in on the 2020 Vision Think Tank. This event included over 40 participants from the library community, plus a panel of sci-fi authors and specialists who helped the group to expand their perceptions of the future and, then, take the first steps toward thinking about the future of libraries in Idaho.

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Futures Reading

Our Futures reading list is growing (Links and Recommended Reading), but as is often the case, reading "Tomorrow Now" has to compete with today’s deadlines. However, what I have read is permeating my thinking. Suddenly a lot of my normal work/newspaper/magazine reading seems related to our futures discussion.

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Mission Statement

We've very recently revised both the Mission and Vision Statements for the Marshall Public Library. For whatever it's worth, here's our vision statement - and much thanks to Kay Flowers, too!

Vision Statement

By merging the best of tradition and technology, the Marshall Public Library aspires to provide

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Why Books, Why Libraries?

The Vision 2020 Think Tank is taking shape. See the agenda at the website. We have attracted terrific resource people, with one to go. Science Fiction writers Bruce Sterling, Brenda Cooper and Louise Marley. Thinkers and writers Dr. Greg Raymond and David Kusek. I expect them to challenge us. Are you ready to be challenged?

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I tried to post yesterday. I finally managed to find a spot where the wireless signal was strong enough to connect. But the wireless service provider evidently doesn’t support blogging, because each time I tried to "publish" (or even save), the message disappeared.

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Futures - day #1

It's been a full day. There have been so many thoughts and ideas that I hardly know where to begin. I hope that some of you have been able to see the video of the main speakers.

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Thinking Ahead 2005

The SLC Library (The City Library) is remarkable - an impressive entrance with shops (Urban Room), an atrium, wireless and ethernet connections, self-checkout, a 3-tiered fireplace, meeting rooms and auditorium. Very welcoming. Truly a community space.