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2009 Changes to Open Meeting Laws

Be sure to check out the changes in the Idaho Open Meeting Laws -- these impact the boards of both city and district libraries. You can read more on the Idaho Commission for Libraries' Website under Library Laws.

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    Career Information System / Idaho Works

    The Idaho Commission for Libraries and the Idaho Department of Labor are collaborating to bring Idaho public libraries access to Career Information Systems database.

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    Inexpensive gaming console - great for libraries

    JPL received a Game Wave console this morning. We've already set it up and played a bit in the staff area -- it is fun! We sampled a trivia game and a gem matching game. This is a great console for libraires because:

    * play is simultanious -- no waiting for turns

    * 6 people can play at a time!

    * it is easy to learn the game remotes

    * games are family friendly and often educational

    School Librarians...drop in

    21 Cyber Summit on 21st Century Skills

    ...for an hour or more on this web conference on 21st Century Skills,* June 1-12.
    If you missed one, link to the archives.

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    Idaho Board of Library Commissioners Meeting

    The Idaho Board of Library Commissioners will meet in a regularly scheduled meeting on Friday, June 12, 2009, at 10:00 AM MDT at the Idaho Commission for Libraries Table Rock Room, 325 West State Street, Boise.

    Notice of Executive Session - Pursuant to Idaho Code 67-2345(b) to consider evaluation of a staff member.

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    Gale ebooks online training

    Cengage Learning (also known as Gale) will be providing one hour online training sessions for the Idaho library community during June and July.


    • JUNE 12, 2009 11:00 AM (MOUNTAIN TIME)
    • JUNE 24, 2009 1:00 PM (MOUNTAIN TIME)
    • JULY 2, 2009 9:00 AM (MOUNTAIN TIME)
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    We Need Your Ideas!

    Jerome Public Library has transformed the large concrete pad at the front door into a lovely and useful outdoor room. Meanwhile, we need the library community’s help in finding the perfect quote to tag our brass donor-acknowledgement plate. Maybe something that ties reading and the outdoors? Or community and comfort? I don’t know, and that is why I’m asking you.

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    Ready, Steady, GO!

    Ready: ICFL builds a virtual community space where library people from all over the state can share, discuss, brainstorm, dream, collaborate, and just plain get to know each other.

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    Leadership 2.0

    Today with the buzz of Web 2.0 and everything else 2.0 , Michael Hyatt has a great post on Leadership 2.0. I love the way he uses the words embrace, demonstrate, celebrate, employ, practice, and build in terms of leadership!

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    Preservation Workshop This Summer and Fall

    Western States Preservation Assistance Service is once again collaborating with the Idaho Commission for Libraries to present a two-part workshop on disaster planning and preservation for libraries and archives in Idaho. Dates are August 5 and September 18 and the workshop location will be the Idaho Commission for Libraries in Boise.