Compact OPAC

Compact OPAC

I saw this while attending Meridian's Silverstone Branch opening. Doesn't take a lot of space, and the price is relatively small too!

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    Immersive Internet and Libraries

    Okay, just came across the term this morning -- Immersive Internet which is a collection of emerging technologies combined with a social culture that has roots in gaming and virtual worlds.

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    Unusual Items that Libraries Circulate

    This has been an email thread that I thought I would share...unusual items that libraries throughout the US are checking out to their patrons:

    Auto repair tools (Wyoming library)
    Bones (medical school library)
    Braille writer
    Cake pans
    Crafter glasses for people who work on watches and small crafts Drum pads Electronic devise that enlarges text on TV

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    Handheld Librarian Online Conference

    First one -- Handheld Librarian Online Conference focusing on mobile library services.
    July 30, 2009 -- $49 for individual -- $89 for group

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      The atmosphere of our libraries

      I read a blog called "Designing Better Libraries" and one of their recent posts was very interesting about what atmosphere or state of mind is presented to our customers when they visit our libraries.

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      Career Information System / Idaho Works

      Yeah! To date 37 Idaho public libraries have expressed interest in participating in the year-long subscription to Career Information Systems via the Department of Labor. Still looking for the other 67 public libraries!

      Is your library interested ? Still time to consider .. contact me at today!

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        Changes to open meeting Part 2 - Executive Sessions

        New sections of code on executive sessions are underlined:

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        United We Serve (originally Summer of Service) opportunity for libraries

        The American Library Association (ALA) is working with the White House, in partnership with the Corporation for National & Community Service, to get libraries involved in a national volunteer initiative that will run from June 22 to September 11, 2009.

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        Nampa Public Library's The Dewey Family Finds Fun at the Library

        I stopped by Nampa Public Library on Saturday, and I heard all about how many visitors they've been getting, how many more than usual (last week they had two days with over 1,800 people!) and saw this amazing zine! The zine is a little comic strip about the library and is interspersed with facts about things. I love it! It's awesome!

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        Changes to open meeting Part 1 - Agendas

        Here's what the new section of code will say for agenda notification:

        67-2343 (4) An agenda shall be required for each meeting. The agenda shall be posted in the same manner as the notice of the meeting. An agenda may be amended, provided that a good faith effort is made to include, in the original agenda notice, all items known to be probable items of discussion.