WJ Courses -- Some Hints to Maximize your Learning

I just finished a WJ Idaho course via the vendor Skillsoft. This is my third course and I took time to play with the course. Sometimes, I am linear and forget to look go beyond the bounds. This happens a lot of times when I am learning ... a product of how I behaved during my educational years 6-18!!

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Google Voice & Libraries

If you sign up for Google Voice you can get an invitation to join - which means a bunch of cool beta features. You get a phone number, which you can use to see voice mail messages all nice and typed out for you. You get to text to individuals for free. You also get discounts on international calls.

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The FY 2008 Public Library Statistical Tables Are Now Available!

All three tables are now available in PDF format. These include the final population amounts from the Census figures released in July.

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Sunshine card lets users borrow from 5 libraries of multiple types

Thanks to my friends at the Blah Blah Blah Blog at NEFLIN, I found this article in the Sun Sentinal (FL) about the Sunshine Card.

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ICFL "Cool" staff

ICFL staff is prepared to "Beat the Heat" with hats and sunglasses for TBS Awareness Day. 20 public libraries statewide are planning activities during the week of August 17-21. Activities will:

  • Raise Idaho's citizens awareness about this free, statewide service
  • Highlight resources available in local libraries for persons unable to read standard print


The FY 2010 LSTA Grant Application Kit is available for libraries looking for funds to support library programs or projects. Draft Competitive Grant Applications are due November 6, 2009. Applications hand delivered to the Commission must be received by 5 PM on November 6, 2009. For those hand delivering, please request the receptionist stamp your application with the date of receipt.

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Job Announcement

Position: Digital Repository Librarian
Organization: Idaho Commission for Libraries
Closing date: August 16, 2009

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LiLI Steering Committee Changes

The LiLI Steering Committee operates in partnership with the ICFL staff to plan, initiate and evaluate LiLI services. Members of the Steering Committee serve a 4-year term, and they participate in meetings 3-4 times each year and electronically between those meetings.

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LiLI Steering Committee - June 24th Meeting Record

The meeting notes from the June 24, 2009, meeting of the LiLI Steering Committee have been posted.

The meeting included a length discussion regarding broadband infrastructure, reports on the status of LiLI Programs, and updates from participants about activities in their region of the state.

    Make Your Summer Reading Program Count!

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    I hope you are having a great summer! The 2009 summer reading survey is now available online at: http://libraries.idaho.gov/landing/summer-reading (just click on the link in the first sentence). When your summer reading program is completed, please take a few minutes to provide feedback on how your summer program went. This enables us to continue funding the program.