Niche Marketing to Toast Masters

I subscribe to Google Blog Alerts and last week a Toastmaster's blog came through mentioning that LILI now subscribes to Vital Speeches via ProQuest Central.

If you have a Toastmasters group in your area (and maybe they even meet at your library), find the time to contact them and let them know about this valuable resource. As a former Toastmaster (and graduate!) I know they'll appreciate knowing. To find Vital Speeches, select ProQuest Central from the LiLI portal's drop down menu, then search by publication. Vital Speeches does have an embargo, with abstracts given in the most current issues but full-text from June 1995 to June 1997.

Toastmaster members come from a wide range of professions and they love to make to make presentations. Keep that in mind in case you need someone well prepared to make a presentation on the benefits of your library.

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    Goodluck for you

    Hope you have a good luck for your blog

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    I remember as a child

    I remember as a child growing up my father was always practicing his Toastmaster speeches in the mirror. It really is one of my earliest childhood memories...