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Hands on Activities Equal a Big Kids Playground

The recent emphasis on maker spaces and maker events brings
home the idea that using multiple senses and problem solving allows greater
learning and better retention. Whether it’s electrifying a banana, creating a
whirli-gig, whipping up a batch of marshmallows, or putting together a 3D
puzzle, hands on activities allow adults to engage in ways often unavailable in
their daily lives.

Snowdrops in Spring

I may not attract much attention in many aspects, but around my neighborhood there are a couple of things that I’m noted for. First and foremost would probably be my firm belief that grass is highly over-utilized as a landscape medium.  For me, grass is boring. I prefer trees; I prefer bushes; and I definitely prefer flowers.

Finding New Life in 50,000 Words

I just finished a second round of NaNoWriMo, known to non-Wrimos as National Novel Writing Month. Each fall the challenge is thrown down and fool-hardy people accept it not knowing what they’re getting themselves into. The truly insane do it again, and again, and again.

Fling Down the Challenges, Break Out the Goodies, and Watch Them Go Wild!

Out here in Eastern Idaho we’re gearing up for summer reading. It takes a huge amount of preparation, but every June when we see those beaming faces and know that we’re helping to feed so many eager minds, there’s no question that it’s all worth it. And besides it’s a great example to the kids when dad and grandma are making their reading goals.