Request for contributions toward LEL subscription

The Idaho Commission for Libraries is mailing letters to public, academic, and school libraries requesting voluntary contributions to cover an 8-month gap in the statewide subscription to LearningExpress Library (LEL).

Why the gap:

Since November 2010, Idahoans have had access to LEL through a statewide license as part of the “online @ your library” project. The Commission requested ongoing state funding for LEL in both our FY2013 and FY2014 budget submissions but it was not approved either year. As a result, our statewide license will expire at the end of October 2013. The Board of Library Commissioners has approved a budget request for FY2015 that includes ongoing funding for LEL. If approved during the upcoming legislative session, that funding will not be available until July 1, 2014. That leaves an 8-month gap in which LEL will not be available via a statewide license.

What we are requesting from libraries:

To provide statewide access at least through June 2014, we are seeking voluntary one-time contributions from Idaho public, academic, and school libraries. LEL has quoted an 8-month subscription price of $58,880 to continue the same content we now have available – the core LEL platform and the Popular Software Tutorials learning center. If you are able to contribute, the amount is up to you. Please use this downloadable form to indicate your commitment and return it to us by September 20, 2013, via fax to 208-334-4016 or via email to

How this will work:

Commission staff will track all commitments received for the 8-month subscription, and provide an update in early September, along with next steps for the subscription, billing, and other details related to continuing statewide access to LEL.

Ensuring ongoing access to LEL:

Ensuring ongoing access to LEL is a two-step process and we need the help of the library community to achieve it:
  • First, we must find $58,880 to cover November 2013 through June 2014.
  • Second, we must be successful in getting ongoing funding approved as part of the Commission’s FY2015 budget; the LEL funding is part of a package that includes a request for reimbursement for public library ISP charges that are not covered by E-rate discounts and a small amount for public information.
If you have questions, please contact Networking Consultant Gina Persichini or Idaho State Librarian Ann Joslin at 208-334-2150.