Celebrate "Small Wins"

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One of the most interesting things I keep hearing come up in conversations about Pegasus is the concept of “small wins” and not trying to "change the world all at once". This keeps bringing me back to Van Jones and his statements about hitting a wall and crashing and then the systems didn't even blink.

I think the concept of "small wins" is a valuable tool to understanding the issues that problems really are, they are the total parts of the whole and when we work on those we can really promote change from within.

I would urge everyone to celebrate their small wins and then tackle the next issue/condition/whatever. See the world for what it is; a giant system of interactive players, we can’t change everything at once, but together we can change something's.

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    Well, it’s been a long

    Well, it’s been a long time coming, but I’m thrilled to announce that the Ada Community Library now has its very own MySpace page! I’ve included all the services I could think of that our patrons might like. You can search our catalog, view our calendar of events, look at some of our new items, look at pics, contact us in a variety of ways, and of course, everything else you normally do on MySpace.