I want to be 5 again!!!

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Why?  How many times does a five year old ask that question in a day?  It is one of the most important questions. In general, adults squelch it by saying "because I said so!"

We are taught in school the answers because that's what the book says, in our jobs because that how the boss wants it.  As five year olds we are still curious and wanting answers.  There are few assumptions or pre-conceived ideas, because the world is still largely new.  Five year olds are like sponges, they hear and soak up everything, especially the things we don’t want them too. They do listen and learn.

I wish I could look at the world again the way I did at that age.  "Why can't we do this?" is valid question that deserves consideration and answers.

We are born knowing our place in society.  That place is to learn, play, and be protected.  As we grow older we are encouraged (or forced) to give that up and accept conformity into society's norms.  We are placed in school and the jobs where we do things because "that's how it's always been done".

By setting aside our presumptions and asking "why" we can get to the heart of an issue.  Working in Information Management for 10 years, I have seen people ask for information which they subsequently refused to accept it because it contradicted their preconceived ideas.  This pattern is a perfect example of a circular mindset.  A 5 year old doesn't have that preconceived idea; he or she will take that information as valid.

I believe that as we grow older we are forced to change our way of thinking to a more conformed methodology and that it can greatly restrict how we see the world.  Look at the world like a five year old again; just be able to carry yourself with more sophistication than the average five year old. Try to look at the world in such a way that your experiences and education don't hinder you by blocking out the possibility of new ideas, methods, or concepts.  Don't focus too hard.

PS. I may not be a good idea to ask your boss if you could have nap breaks on the clock after lunch! Have fun!!!!!

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    What i like in this post is the way you have discussed the points in what a regular person can change.. Been inspired!