Pegasus Observations

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I think that one of the most useful things I got out of the conference, besides all interaction centers around communication, is that we should suspend judgment when talking. Listening and approaching new ideas, is as or more important than expressing your own ideas, values, or views.

If it wasn't for new ideas we would still be using leaches in medicine, the world would still be seen as flat, and odds are we would still be using clubs to catch dinner. Open communication is the key to solving problems no matter what the issue or problem. Pegasus really brought this home for me.

In looking at Van Jones' presentation, I learned that trying to change the/a system(s) from the outside is not as effective as coming at it from the inside. Putting ourselves in the position of others, getting dirty, and working the problem are the keys to understanding what it really is.

Just a few of random thoughts to share from Pegasus but they show how I look at this opportunity and how I can see a system within the system