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Is Your Internet Traffic Gridlocked?

Is Your Internet Traffic Gridlocked?

Do your staff and patrons travel the internet like they’re cruising down the open road in a sports car — with the top down, the tunes blasting, and not a care in the world? Or is trying to use your library’s internet more like a Southern California freeway at rush hour — gridlock.

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Net Neutrality Repealed

On June 11, 2018, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) repealed the internet’s net neutrality rules, which went into effect in 2015. Is the repeal the beginning of internet Armageddon or no big deal? Like most hot topics, it depends on whom you ask.

SPLAT Wants You!


The Special Projects Library Action Team (SPLAT), sponsored by the Idaho Commission for Libraries (ICfL), has several openings to fill at the end of 2017. ICfL is currently soliciting applications from individuals working in the Idaho library community to serve a three-year term on SPLAT.

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Funding for Broadband Construction Available

The mechanism to partially fund the construction costs of bringing broadband Internet service to school and public libraries in Idaho is in place – and could reduce libraries’ cost to zero.

Known as BIIG, the broadband infrastructure improvement grant fund, was passed by the Idaho State Legislature in 2016, as Title 33, Chapter 910.