Ten New Libraries Join the Make It at the Library Project!

Make It at the Library- the Commission's project to implement makerspaces in public libraries across Idaho had another successful and exciting year in 2014. Each of the six new libraries and returning five libraries embraced "making" and pushed the boundaries of programming with tweens and teens. Each library met and exceeded every expectation and demonstrated innovation, creativity, and drive in the implementation of the project. These successes made us even more excited to open up the opportunity to additional libraries for our third year.

We received ten excellent applications representing libraries from rural communities, small towns, and from many regions across the state. After careful review, we are pleased to announce that the following libraries have been invited to participate in the third year of the project:

  • Bear Lake County District Library
  • Burley Public Library
  • Caldwell Public Library
  • DeMary Memorial Library
  • Marshall Public Library
  • North Bingham County District Library
  • Payette Public Library
  • Shoshone Public Library

In addition, the Commission asked two school libraries to pilot the project this year. We are pleased to announce that Centennial High School and Heritage Middle School, both in the West Ada County District have agreed to pilot the project. The school library staff will each work with two teachers to design and implement activities to support common core requirements using emerging technologies. It will be exciting to learn how making can support Common Core Standards.

The first workshop will take place on February 17-19 at the Commission and will focus on developing a foundational understanding of the maker culture and the design process. Participants will also develop skills in basic circuitry, programming with Arduino, and electronic textiles. In May, the training will focus on robotics and the final workshop in September will include 3D design and 3D printing.

First-year libraries from 2014 have also committed one new staff member to participate in the second year of the project in order to broaden their base of support and expand programming in their libraries. We welcome these new staff members to the project and look forward to watching the learning, the making, and the creativity start to happen.

Finally, four of our original five pilot libraries have agreed to participate this year in a totally new way! They will be using the knowledge gained over the past two years to host hands-on training workshops with schools, afterschool centers, and other organizations in their communities. We look forward to seeing new making bubble up through these outreach activities.

For more information on the project, visit: http://libraries.idaho.gov/make-it-at-the-library .

To follow our progress please *LIKE* our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MakeItIdaho.

This project has been made possible through funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services