Your Feedback, Our Solutions

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One of the biggest challenges web developers face is having to undergo a site redesign. The stakeholders involved (including the people that have to use the darn thing!) usually have their own notions on how things should work or how they should be positioned on the screen. The key is to strike a balance between these varying opinions, the vision of what the site will be, industry best practices, time constraints, and budget concerns to come up with a design that fits it all together. Easy, right?

Not always! Sometimes, the decisions we end up making need reworked and this is where your user feedback comes into play. If you find something on the site that isn't working for you or have an idea for a usability improvement, don't hesitate to contact us! In fact, based on user feedback I implemented a change to the site earlier today: I moved the Read Full Post Link and the Comments link to the end of the posts.

Backstory: A user sent us a message that they were reading a post and it was cut off in the middle and they couldn't find where to click to finish reading the article. The link was there in the grey bar, but it wasn't as visible as it should have been. Example:

Picture showing the Read Full Post link

Solution: Attempt to make the Read Full Post Link more visible. Since postings on the site are mostly text-based, icons have been added to help catch the readers eye when scanning the page. Also, the links have been broken out of the grey bar and the font-size has been increased. Example:

Picture showing the Read Full Post link and comment links with picture icons

Keep those comments coming!