FY15 Annual Public Library Statistics are Available

image of public library

The FY15 Idaho Public Library Statistics are available in Excel and PDF formats on the Idaho Commission for Libraries (ICfL) website at libraries.idaho.gov/stats. The results are easy to sort on the spreadsheet—just click on the arrow in the bottom left hand corner of Row 2 on each column, and the sheet will sort by that survey question. Patrick Bodily, ICfL’s state data coordinator and field consultant, urges you to also check out the Institute of Museum and Libraries Services’ Compare Libraries tool at harvester.census.gov/imlscompare/. Using this tool, you can find public libraries similar to yours throughout the U.S. and compare benchmark statistics. This can be especially useful as you prepare your budgets for the upcoming year. 

Public libraries can also use the Public Library Association’s Project Outcome tool and process at www.projectoutcome.org/ for measuring and analyzing outcomes in seven categories (Civic/Community Engagement, Digital Inclusion, Early Childhood Literacy, Economic Development, Education/Lifelong Learning, Job Skills, and Summer Reading).