ILL System Changes in 2013

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Libraries using OCLC's interlibrary loan tools will see significant changes to the interlibrary loan (ILL) system in 2013. OCLC is currently migrating from WorldCat Resource Sharing (on the FirstSearch platform) to World Share ILL (on the platform).  All Idaho libraries will begin the process of moving to the new platform in August 2013.

What should library staff do to prepare for the system change?

  1. Watch for updates on the LibIdaho mailing list and in your email.
  2. Check that you use one o fthe following web browswers at staff workstations: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or MIcrosoft Internet Explorer (version 9.0 or higher).
  3. Review the information and view the recorded introduction to the system on OCLC's website
  4. Register for webinars and face-to-face training that will be offered after July 2013. Announcements of workshop dates and times will be announced here and on LibIdaho.

ICFL has chosen for a later migration to the new ILL system to allow for early adopters to learn about bugs in advance, and to allow for the library community to learn together when all school, public, academic, and special library staff are available.

If you have questions about the planned changes, please contact ICFL's Gina Persichini.