LiLI News: Publication Finder Now Available

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Publication Finder is now available as a part of the LiLI

What does it do? 

Publication Finder lets the user search for a publication, like a magazine or journal, by title without needing to know which database it is indexed in.Need to find something in Consumer Reports but aren’t sure which database to search, start at Publication Finder, then link directly to the database with that content. This works for all the titles in our Ebsco and Gale Virtual Reference Library subscriptions.

How to I find it?

Publication Finder is available at in the main slide show at the top
of the page:



 Also, when you are using an Ebsco database, you don’t have to leave it to jump over to the Publication Finder -- there’s a link at the top of all the Ebsco databases.


Learn how to use Publication Finder by watching this brief video tutorial