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RFI Statewide Resource Sharing

The Idaho Commission for Libraries is seeking responses to a Request for Information for statewide resource sharing solutions. The purpose is to solicit information from organizations that can provide the services and/or tools for a statewide resource sharing service among Idaho’s libraries.

LiLI-D Survey for 2016

The Commission for Libraries is requesting the input of Idaho library staff on the LiLI Databases. 

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LiLI Databases FY2015 Annual Report

  • 17% increase in use
  • 38 cents per login
  • 295 people trained

The Annual Report of the LiLI Database (LiLI-D) program for Fiscal Year 2015 was recently completed and can be found online at

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Is Your Library's Web Presence Making the Grade?

“Google had always been around….”
“Email is formal communication…”
“WiFi is an expectation…”

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2014 Public Library Broadband Access Report

In Fall 2014, the Idaho Commission for Libraries in partnership with the Idaho Library Association conducted a survey of broadband access in Idaho's public libraries.  The report from the survey is available now.  The report includes conclusions and recommendations for the Idaho library community as "the needs continues to grow for additional bandwidth and wireless access in libraires

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Resource Sharing & Access Needs Assessment

The Idaho Commission for Libraries is seeking quotations for a contract for professional services to identify the needs of the Idaho library community regarding resource sharing and access to information. 

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Get Found on Google!

I frequently find myself in towns all over Idaho. Sometimes, between meetings, I like to stop somewhere to check my mail, do some research, or post online photos of our beautiful state. To do this, I need Internet access. I’m usually looking for a place with wireless access where I can use my laptop or iPad to connect.

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LearningExpress Library - An Uncertain Future for Access in Idaho

Since 2010, as part of the “online @ your library” program of the Idaho Commission for Libraries, Idahoans have been using LearningExpress Library (LEL) online learning center to improve scores on college entrance exams, prepare for the GED, and learn how to use popular software.  The service can be accessed for free by any Idaho resident along with other Libraries Linking Idaho (LiLI) dat

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LearningExpress Library 3.0 - Upcoming Changes

Some news about upcoming changes to LearningExpress Library:

LearningExpress has introduced LearningExpress Library 3.0, which will include a number of improvements for the end user experience. We had hoped to move to the new service after the current academic year is complete, but some new information has resulted in a new timeline.