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LiLI-D Implementing the Recommendations

Earlier this year, we shared the Final Report with results and recommendations from A Study of the Libraries Linking Idaho (LiLI) Databases.  The report identified 15 recommendations for the service, some of which were already in progress at the time, some were ideas we were waiting or wanting to implement, and others

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LiLI Unlimited Open Enrollment - Enroll by May 20th

Each year libraries are invited to participate in the LiLI Unlimited resource sharing program.  Participant membership changes can take place only during the open enrollment period.  That time is now!

Open Enrollment for 2011 ends Friday, May 20th

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e-Discover the Classics?

Wondering about how to provide ebook options to patrons, but not sure how to pay for it?  Consider this program of the Colorado Library Consortium (CLiC):  e-Discover the Classics: Free eBooks for Libraries.

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LiLI-D RFP: Your Questions Answered

In early February, the Idaho Commission for Libraries released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the statewide electronic databases.  The Idaho library community will recognize it as a request for proposals for services for the LiLI Databases.

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LiLI Databases - Request for Proposals

The Idaho Commission for Libraries is seeking bids for statewide electronic databases for the LiLI Database program.  Vendors interested in submitting a proposal should do so through the Idaho Division of Purchasing Bid Opportunities Site.

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LiLI Database Study - Final Report Now Available

In the later part of 2010, the Idaho Commission for Libraries (ICfL) contracted with Nancy Bolt & Associates to carry out a study of the LiLI Databases. The intent was to identify success factors, the impact of the LiLI-D on libraries and end users, implications for the future, and to make recommendations for the program.

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Apangea for Public Libraries

Beginning this month, Idaho’s public libraries have been provided administrative access to Apangea Math. This information is a reminder and follow-up to the written notification sent to all public libraries two weeks ago.

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ICFL Conducting Study of LiLI Database Program

The Idaho Commission for Libraries (ICFL) has commissioned a study of the LiLI-D program. The study’s purpose is to develop recommendations for LiLI-D enhancements and any needed adjustments to the program.

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Request for Quotes: LiLI Database Evaluation

The Idaho Commission for Libraries (ICFL) is seeking quotes for professional services for an evaluation of the LiLI Databases, Idaho’s statewide online database program. ICFL would like to identify the impact of the LiLI Database program on libraries and their end users.

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LiLI Databases - Changes for 2010

With the economy on all our minds and recent media coverage of Idaho’s budget situation, many individuals have been wondering about the status of the LiLI Database (LiLI-D) program. This presents a very good opportunity to share the current plans regarding LiLI-D.