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LiLI eAudioBooks Collection: Update and Request for Information

Since October 2007, ICFL has coordinated a demonstration project known as LiLI eAudioBooks Collection. The project’s purpose is to allow library administrators to evaluate:

  1. The potential use of ongoing digital eaudiobook service,
  2. The technological skills and resources necessary to carry out ongoing digital audiobook service, and
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LiLI eAudioBooks MARC records update - May 2009

Each month, Recorded Books adds new titles to the NetLibrary collection of eaudiobooks available to Idaho residents through the LiLI eAudioBooks Collection (LiLI ABC). MARC records for the items added in the past month are now available for download to add to the library's local catalog.

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    LiLI Steering Committee - April Meeting Minutes Online

    The Libraries Linking Idaho (LiLI) Steering Committee met on April 2, 2009 at the Idaho Commission for Libraries. Participants were provided an overview of the Idaho Education Network (IEN) by the Idaho Department of Administration's Greg Zickau. Additionally, participation saw demonstrations of the WorldCat Local project being implemented at BSU, UofI, UofI Law, and LCSC.

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    LiLI Unlimited Open Enrollment 2009

    If your library is not yet participating in LiLI Unlimited and getting discounted access to OCLC’s cataloging and interlibrary loan tools, the 2009 open enrollment is going on now.

    Enrollment forms are being accepted through May 15, 2009.

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    LiLi eAudiobooks: MARC Records - CORRECTION

    Note: Libraries that update their eaudiobook MARC records every month, will want to make the following adjustments. Please note the email from NetLibrary below:

    From NetLibrary:

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    Does your library have a webcam?

    I'm working on a project to test how well webcams would work for communication between the Idaho Commission for Libraries (ICFL) and the Idaho library community.

    If you/your library has a webcam and would be willing to help us with one or two short online meetings, please contact me.

    What I'm asking of you:

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    Try the new NetLibrary Media Center to download eaudiobooks!

    There are a lot of good things coming for the LiLI eAudioBooks Collection users. The first thing is Media Center.

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    Asking the Right Questions. Or, Missing the Target?

    I was watching television the other day and noticed a commercial for a clothing store. They were using a song that was popular when I was high school 20 or so years ago. My first reaction was something akin to “darn kids, they keep reusing and remaking our music.” I figured the retailer was trying to reach out to today’s teens and twenty-somethings, using fun music, bright colors, and images that flashed on the screen. Clearly they were using scenes from my youth to entice today’s youth. I was wrong.

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    Public Access Computing: Is Your Community's Voice Being Heard?

    “Site visits to 63 public libraries reveal the power of technology on staff and users.”

    I just read an article in the October 2008 issue of American Libraries titled “Libraries Connect Communities.” Authors Peggy Barber and Linda Wallace share what they learned as part of the team conducting the Public Library Funding and Technology Access Study.

    The study included a nationwide survey of libraries (the 2008 survey is underway now); focus groups with library employees, trustees, and users; and library site visits.

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    Free training online from BCR

    If you haven't checked it out yet, get thee to the Free Friday Forums from BCR.