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LiLI Express is Growing

LiLI Express, Idaho's statewide reciprocal borrowing program, has been growing as more libraries learn about the benefits for their customers.

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5 Principles for Libraries to Create Community Support

In the past decade there has been a steady decline in the number of library levy issues passing in elections. George Needham of OCLC in his Keynote presentation to the Idaho Library Association covered 5 ideas to help libraries change their standing in their communities; to encourage more support of those initiatives.

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Blog the ILA Conference!

On Wednesday, October 1st, I'm headed to Idaho Falls to attend the Idaho Library Association conference. It looks like there will be a lot of interesting programs and I know I won't be able to attend them all since I haven't mastered cloning myself just yet. So, I have a request for all the readers and users of this site...

Please, Blog the Conference!

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LiLI eAudiobooks MARC Records

Last week I sent a note to LibIdaho informing everyone of the availability of MARC records for the September additions. A number of people have informed ICFL of there being some sort of error with the files. We have been working on this over the past few days. Fresh batch files for September and August have been acquired and were tested by a couple organizations.

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How do we prepare for the future? LiLI & SPLAT Meeting Notes

What can be done to help libraries be ready for what is coming next? What does library service look like in the future? How can we prepare for an uncertain future? Do we need to build a different foundation? Strengthen current one? What can Libraries Linking Idaho (LiLI) do to help the library community prepare for an uncertain future?

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Darien Library - Future of the ILS going on now?

Take a look at the new Darien Library (CT) Website. The site was unveiled September 1st. The website is running in Drupal, the same content management software used by ICFL (see the sneak peek of the new ICFL site) * and many other libraries in Idaho.

There is so much to like about this site:

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Day in the Life....of a Networking Consultant

Inspired by a challenge issued by the Librarian by Day, I’m going to attempt to track a day in the life of the Networking Consultant at ICFL. Like many, I have no “typical” day so I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

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eAudiobooks MARC Records

During this past month, 40 new titles were added to the collection of downloadable audiobooks available through LiLI eAudioBook Collection (LiLI ABC). The batch of MARC records for those new titles and a title list is available at

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    ALA survey on electronic participation in ALA

    Attention members of ALA:

    ALA has just released a survey to get input from members about electronic participation in the association. More information about the survey and a link to the online survey is at

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    Checking Out mp3 players @thelibrary

    Loved reading this new post at the BSU library's blog, @thelibrary.

    What a great way to let students and staff try out mp3 players while trying out the eaudiobook service.