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Do we ignore our digital users?

Go read David Lee King's blog post "Don't Ignore Your Digital Users." Go ahead, read it now. I'll wait.....


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OCLC/WorldCat Fiction Finder

I re-found OCLC Fiction Finder recently.  It's a project currently in Beta mode from OCLC Research.  From the site,

"With FictionFinder, you can search for books, eBooks, and audiobooks
by titles, authors, ISBNs, and other information such as literary
awards and book summaries. You can also browse the FictionFinder database by genre, fictional character, imaginary place or setting, and subject."  

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Cite This Item

Did you know that when searching, a user can click on "Cite This Item" from the record view to see a variety of formats for citation?  Pretty nice feature for those of us who struggle proper citation skills. 

There are also options to "Export to EndNote" and "Export to RefWorks."

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8 Random Things

There's something being passed around among the library blogs these last couple of days.  Authors of the various blogs are being asked to list 8 random things about themselves that possibly others don't already know.  I thought about doing that here with a different take, here are 8 things that might not be known about ICFL:

1.  In 2006, ICFL was offered assistance from 79 volunteers that contributed 8,979 hours in support of ICFL services and programs.

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Tips, Instructions, and How-To information on the ICFL CE Website

Recently I've been doing some presentations at the ILA regional conferences about IM.  The step-by-step instructions for creating AOL and Yahoo IM accounts, along with using Meebo to monitor those accounts, send messages, etc. are now on the ICFL CE website.

Watch for more content there in the future!

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Intro to Social Software

BCR's Shelly Drumm is talking about Social Software.

She asks: What do you think of when I say "social software"?

  • Young people
  • MySpace
  • YouTube
  • FaceBook

Great visual at

The Machine is Us/ing Us (YouTube Video)

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Shelly Drumm (BCR) Talks about Flickr

We're at the ILA Spring Conference (Region 2). 

Flickr is a social networking tool to sharing photos. It's good for online photo storage, organizing photos, and finding photos in the giant database of photos that is Flickr.

Here's Shelly at the start of her presentation -- a demonstration of how Flickr works from taking the photo to uploading, to tagging, etc.

Social aspects to Flickr:

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Meebo Me is "an embeddable IM window you can drop onto any personal webpage – it
lets you chat with site visitors in real time from" 

See what the Librarian In Black had to say about it last year here

Look at a list of libraries that are using MeeboMe for Embedded Chat.

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Rethinking Resource Sharing

Today and tomorrow, I'm at the Rethinking Resource Sharing Forum in Chicago.  So far this morning we've heard a presentation from Michael Stephens Tame the Web.  He spoke about trendspotting, current trends we should look at:

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Rethinking Resource Sharing - Participate in the future

As the wide array of library customers (and potential customers) are changing with the times, so much resource sharing.  Our customers are looking for different options for access to and delivery of library materials.  As their needs and demands evolve, libraries are trying to keep up.  On April 19-20th there is an opportunity to participate in the 3rd forum to discuss Rethinking Resource sharing.