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ICFL in the news with Podcasting 101

ICFL has been offering workshops throughout the state on Podcasting and Wikis. During the recent Podcasting 101 workshop in Twin Falls, local CBS affiliate KMVT 11, did a story on the workshop and how libraries are using podcasting to provide services to customers.

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Tech Trends for Librarians 2007

Each year Michael Stephens over at Tame the Web posts some technology things that librarians need to be aware of.  This year Michael has posted Ten Tech Trends for Librarians. He has a number of thought-provoking questions mixed in with an enormous amount of information.  He posts his thoughts about the essential duties of librarians

Learn to Learn
Adapt to Change
Scan the Horizon

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Social Software Helping A Student to Participate in Class

Thanks to Stephen Abram for  linking to the Cool Cat Teach Blog that mentioned a story about teacher Brian Crosby who is using Skype in his classroom to help a student with leukemia to participate with her classmates.

See a short video about it

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ALA MidWinter

My intent was to blog my experiences as I experienced them... or at least at the end of the day before I turned it.  I admit defeat.  It's ready to go in bits and pieces and I'm certain I'll be posting my perceptions soon, but in the meantime, I'd like to direct my Idaho friends and colleagues to the PLA blog and the LITA blog for some great reading about events and programs during the ALA MidWinter Meeting in Seattle.

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Off to ALA MidWinter

Tomorrow I will be heading to Seattle to participate in the ALA MidWinter meeting.  First, this is an exciting event simply because it's located in Seattle.  Travel time by air will be just about 1 hour... a record for ALA conference participation in my book!

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As I approach the end of a year and anticipate all that awaits in the next, I usually find myself wanting to perform some kind of review. It's not as much about setting goals or making "resoultions," but more about identifying all the good that has happened and all the things that have been learned.

Most people who have had opportunity to attend a meeting with or had a meeting facilitated by ICFL staff are probably familiar with the Plus/Delta evaluation method. Where the "plus" represents those things that worked well and the "delta," which symbolizes change, is for those things that we might change should we do it again. Plus/Delta is not just for meetings. It's an easy-to-use tool that can be performed for projects or just to review a specific period of time.

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MySpace Forum & Documentary (Fresno)

I found this via Librarian In Black.  She mentioned that the library in Fresno, CA held a forum about MySpace.  It included an 8-minute documentary that some teens helped to create.

See the documentary at YouTube. Or, read one person’s account of the MySpace forum.


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    PLA Proposed New Service Responses

    The Public Library Association (PLA) has posted the draft of their new "Service Responses."  They are seeking comments from the library community at the PLA Blog

    To learn more about the PLA Service Responses, go to

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      Getting ILL Stats from OCLC

      For those public libraries completing the annual statistics report, you might be interested to know that you can easily get your Interlibrary Loan statistics online from OCLC if your library participates in LiLI Unlimited. To get your stats:

      Step 1 - Go to