Grant Writing USA Workshops at ICfL

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by Kristina Taylor, grants/contracts officer

Idaho Commission for Libraries (ICfL) recently hosted two grant workshops offered by Grant Writing USA at our Boise office. Library staff from around the state; ICfL employees; and other state, county, and city employees who work with grants were invited to attend.

In August, 34 participants learned how to write grant proposals from start to finish, how to locate and track relevant grant opportunities, and how to report on a grant’s progress and impact in the Grant Writing Workshop.

In September, 14 participants attended the Grant Management Workshop and learned how to manage federal, state, and local government grants in accordance with laws and mandatory compliance guidelines. In addition, participants in this workshop learned how to navigate the numerous and diverse federal grant websites in this complicated field of grant work. 

Through ICfL’s Continuing Education (CE) Grants Program, six libraries were offered CE Grants to offset the majority of the costs required to attend these workshops. When asked about their workshop experience, participants said:
• “I learned how to get started in the grant process and was introduced to incredible resources for finding funding.” 
• “At this point, I feel confident that I have the skills to search out and apply for grant funds.”
Overall, the workshops offered by Grant Writing USA and hosted by ICfL were a success and helped meet the need for grant training in the library community, as well as for state and local government entities. 

ICfL plans to host grant workshops by Grant Writing USA in 2014 and will announce this opportunity through the LibIdaho listserv when details are available. If you would like to receive a personalized email regarding this opportunity, please email me at