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Library Law Manual - Hot Off the Press!

Look for the latest edition of Idaho Library Laws in your mailbox. Please throw away the 2006 edition, since there have been substantive changes since then, such as open meeting law, audit requirements, and election procedures.

As always, the sections that pertain specifically to ICfL and city and district libraries are in yellow in the middle of the manual.


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    E-rate: Form 471 window open 12/3/2009 - 2/11/2010

    Now is the time to submit Form 471, if your Form 470 has been posted online for at least 28 days.

    To review:

    Step #1 - write technology plan (if necessary)

    Step #2 - File Form 470 (Description of Services Requested and Certification Form)

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    District libraries - 2010 trustee election

    Yes, you will be responsible for any elections that are held in 2010. (The 'election reform' bill that passed in last year's legislative session won't take effect until January, 2010.) At the election, which will be held on May 25, 2010, you will elect a trustee who will serve until 2015. (You might have to elect a trustee to fill out a term they were appointed to as well.)

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    E-rate: SLD website unavailable until September 14

    It certainly seems the season for construction - both real and virtual! The SLD website will be down for an upgrade until 6 a.m. PDT or 7 a.m. MDT on Monday, September 14.

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    E-rate: New vendor for internet

    You may be aware that legislation was passed that created the Idaho Education Network*. Public libraries are included in this legislation. What this means, in a practical sense, is that the State of Idaho is committed to a build-out of bandwidth that is necessary to provide educational opportunities to schools and other entities such as public libraries.

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    E-rate Form 486 2009-2010

    If you have received your funding commitment letter for 2009-2010, you can file Form 486 (Receipt of Service Confirmation Form) at any time. The deadline is October 28 (or 120 days after you receive the funding commitment, whichever is later), but why wait until the last minute? It can be filed online at

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      Election reform

      With the passage of election reform legislation, library districts (and cities, etc) will see a difference in how elections are handled. The legislation, HB 372, is 98 pages long, but fortunately only a handful of pages pertain to libraries.

      Library districts will hold an election as usual in May 2010, but after January 2011, counties will conduct elections. Here are some highlights:

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      Changes to open meeting Part 2 - Executive Sessions

      New sections of code on executive sessions are underlined:

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      Changes to open meeting Part 1 - Agendas

      Here's what the new section of code will say for agenda notification:

      67-2343 (4) An agenda shall be required for each meeting. The agenda shall be posted in the same manner as the notice of the meeting. An agenda may be amended, provided that a good faith effort is made to include, in the original agenda notice, all items known to be probable items of discussion.