Low Hanging Fruit

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ICfL has a new tool for school librarians!  It is a newsletter for you to use as your own, with information about ICfL tools and other resources for your teachers. Here is the kicker: it comes from your library - from you!  This little something you just threw together is called Low Hanging Fruit because it is easy.  It's easy for you - just forward it to your teachers' email or stuff their school mail boxes with paper copies.  It's easy for teachers - every bit of information and every suggestion in this short and sweet little newsletter is easy to get and easy to use.  Say it again - easy.

Since October is Cyberbullying Prevention Month, our first issue focuses on bullying prevention and digital citizenship.  ICfL has partnered with several other organizations to put together a guide to use in the classroom or library.

Read the first edition at idaho.libraries.gov/lowhangingfruit.