Summer Reading Project: Find Your Blog

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Blogs are plentiful, free, and when you find a few that speak to you, never-ending sources for ideas, information, and opinion. If the blogger is also a tweeter, you might add a new member to your professional network, too. A few blogs have been mentioned and recommended here, and there are so many, it can be overwhelming.  Make it a summer project to find those blogs that are helpful, make you think, or make you laugh, because even though great information lurks in all those blogs, no one can read everything.  Here are a few to get started:

The Librarian Who Doesn't Say Shhhh! is a YA focused site with a review archive and a very detailed post about how to write a critical book review. Blogger Tara is a grad student, and writes/vlogs with an academic flavor. If you are looking for more than a personal opinion on books, and articles that are more than fluff, but still readable, this might be your blog.

Ms. Yingling Reads is all middle school book reviews - and if you are looking for titles that will appeal to boys, this is your blog.  Ms. Yingling posts at least one book review every day (every day!), and most of the time there are more per post.  I don't know how she does it, but this is a treasure trove of middle school titles.

The Hub from YALSA covers a variety of topics about and related to YA/Teen literature. Some of  the topics are a bit tangential, but all are interesting and useful. If you work with teens, even a little bit, this might be your blog. Also, look into the Hub 2016 Reading Challenge.  It's getting ready to wrap up, but it's okay to jump in now, or start planning for next year.

The Nerdy Book Club, as the name suggests, is a group of children's/young adult literature enthusiasts and educators. There are four "nerds" who facilitate the website, but many bloggers contribute. You'll find book reviews here, and so much more, including the Nerdy Book Awards.  For a fun, upbeat site, plus a sort of clearing house for lots of other blogs, this might be your blog.  Plus, anything with "nerdy" in the titles has to be good.

The Nonfiction Detectives is a review site for nonfiction!  Hurray! Recommendations for good nonfiction for youth can be tough to find, and this blog is super helpful. There ae hundreds of titles and series reviewed here, with entries going back to 2011.  New titles are covered, of course, but there are also entries "From the Backlist," that remind us of some fantastic older titles. Always on the lookout for great nonfiction for your collection? This might be your blog! (Along with the Nonfiction Book of the Month from ICfL, of course.)

And finally, for those who are searching for a blog more focused on the elementary set, Mrschureads might be the ticket. Blogger John Schumacher is Scholastic's Ambassador for School Libraries, served on the Newbery Committee, and is a former elementary school librarian. If you enjoy video book trailers, interviews with authors, and fun, easy contests that involve students, this might be your blog.

Here are a few more school library friendly blogs to consider:

Someday My Printz Will Come: YA blog with a focus on speculating about the upcoming Printz Award.

Heavy Medal: It's all about Newbery.  There is already a Newbery 2017 reading list available.

Knowledge Quest from AALS: Blog on all this School Library.

Mighty Little Librarian: blog from this year's Summer Summit keynote, Tiffany Whitehead.

Do you write a blog?  Let us know in the comments!  We'd love to read it.