2016-2017 School Library Access Mini-Grants - Open Now!

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Applications are now open for the 2016-2017 School Library Access Mini-Grants!

Applications are due earlier this year with a deadline of February 25, 2016 or earlier.  Please help us spread the word to schools in your district/area who have not received grants yet!  These elementary school library grants range from $1,000 to $5,000 and are aimed at addressing access to print in the home for our earliest readers (pre-K through 1st grade).  This grant includes required changes to your school library check-out policies if you don't already allow book check-out for these grade levels ( to take home, not just to the students' classroom).  Funds are to be spent on fiction and non-fiction books only.  Check it out!

If your school has received a mini-grant in the past four years, there is a new $5,000 grant opportunity for those interested in keeping their school libraries open over the summer or trying other outreach methods to provide acces to books over the summer. 

To find out more about these exciting grant opportunities, please visit the Read to Me program page by clicking here: http://libraries.idaho.gov/school-access-mini-grants.  You can find both applications under the 2016-2017 Grant Application drop down tab.  Project Coordinator, Stephanie Bailey-White, and Grants Officer, Kristina Taylor, are available to field questions about this program at (208) 334-2150.