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by Gina Persichini, technology & access services consultant
We are very happy to share some improvements we made to

Database Buttons: It’s hard to believe the difference such a small image can make, but we have updated the database list to include the unique logo for each database. We feel this helps distinguish each database, helping users to identify the tools they use. You can see these on all the pages of, but for a quick look, check out the Alphabetical list of all database with their descriptions:

Addition of LearningExpress Learning Centers: In addition to linking to LearningExpress Library (LEL), we now link to the individual learning centers within the LEL tool. LEL covers a lot of ground, and this allows for linking directly to a needed area of LearningExpress to improve the user experience. You can see how this works on the College & Career Ready Topic page at where we can link direct to the LEL Career Center and the LEL College Preparation Center. Similarly, it allows for linking directly to the Spanish Language resources in LearningExpress as you can see on our page with Recursos En Español at

Adjusting Content for some Users Groups and Topics: We’ve made some minor adjustments with which databases and tools show up in various User Groupings and Topic pages. Examples are the addition of NoveList Plus K-8 in the Grades K-4 and Grades 5-8 User Groups. There are also additions of LearningExpress Library Learning Centers to various users groups.

Social Media Links: We’ve added quick links to LiLI’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. Use those for quick access to follow LiLI!

Explora Public Libraries: Just a reminder that Explora for Public Libraries is our new place to do a very wide search of the databases. This is the most comparable to the “firehose search” that once graced We linked every database that could be linked to Explora Public Libraries. It’s in the Featured Resources on the main page for easy access.

If you have suggestions and ideas to improve the user’s experience at We are always happy to collect those. Just drop a line at We’re always looking for opportunities to improve!