Locally Recorded TBS Books Go National

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In April, the Idaho Talking Book Service (TBS) received an invitation from the National Library Service (NLS) to join the first pilot project to evaluate locally recorded books as a first step to adding these Idaho books to the Braille and Audio Reading Database (BARD). BARD is NLS’s national book download site for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. The Idaho Commission for Libraries (ICfL) was pleased to accept the invitation, as we were confident the quality of our books was well within the NLS standards.

Sheila Winther, volunteer services coordinator and recording studio manager at ICfL, completed all the steps to submit our first book for evaluation, and we are proud to say we received a flattering response to our book. From the NLS evaluation response, “This is an exceptionally well-produced book, far above average. The source files are produced to a high standard; technical and artistic quality is excellent. Carla Stern [a volunteer at the Commission] does a fine job with this book’s narration.”

Since we passed the test with flying colors, we are now approved to place all of our Idaho digitally recorded books on BARD, making them available to TBS readers nationwide. Karen Keninger, Director of NLS, said in her congratulations letter, “I am pleased to inform you that your book DBC00781, The Fifth Generation: A Nez Perce Tale, by Linwood Laughy, is now available on BARD. The posting of your book to BARD marks an important milestone in our effort to increase the quantity of materials available on BARD. Congratulations.”

At this time, there are eight regional TBS libraries placing their books on BARD.  Idaho is proud to be included in this first group. Our volunteer studio production team takes great care and pride in their work, narrating, monitoring, editing, and assembling our Idaho Talking Books. 

You—or a family member or friend with a computer and high speed Internet—access can download books and magazines from BARD for registered TBS users. Contact the TBS at 800.458.3271 for more information.