Audio from Joe Janes

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Many of you heard Joe Janes, iSchool professor from my alma mater the University of Washington, at the Think Tank talking about libraries and the issues surrounding future changes to library services. If you liked his talk, you can now hear Joe talk about Google in the first inaugural online radio show from the iSchool, called

Joe always has fresh perspectives on the nature of information and Google's hydra nature, so I encourage you to check out InfoSpeak and lend your ear to Joe discuss interesting Googly things.

Memo Cordova

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    Thanks for sharing the tip,

    Thanks for sharing the tip, Memo! I really appreciated hearing Joe Janes speak about Google and the nature of humanity and search. I look forward to future podcast episodes from the iSchool.

    Dylan Baker

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    Joe is a great speaker and

    Joe is a great speaker and professor, and the iSchool is an awesome and innovative place to explore and stretch the concept of librarianship.