College and Career Advising - New Developments

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A new initiative mandated by the Idaho State Legislature during the 2016 legislative session is the support for expanded college and career advising in schools. While it focuses on the school districts, there are opportunities for public libraries to participate in the implementation of College and Career Advising.

Proper college and career advising has been identified by the
Governor’s Taskforce as a key factor for student success at the secondary and
postsecondary level and critical for Idaho to reach its 60% goal. As a result S1290 created a funding formula to provide support to local school districts for college and career advising for students in grades 8-12. Your local school district is charged with
creating their own plan to utilize the funds. Several college and career advising models have been identified and are currently being shared with school districts as they develop their plans.

School districts are encouraged to make this a community-based effort. That is where libraries can play an important role. Public libraries are encouraged to reach out to your local school district to offer support. Here are some suggestions for how your library might support this initiative:

  • Reach out to school counselors in your area to find out their needs.
  • Contact the school librarians in your area serving grades 8-12 to find out how you can coordinate efforts with them.
  • Host community meetings or provide meeting space for college and career advising.
  • Host college and career events in the library.
  • Provide access to college and career resources found with LiLI at
  • Connect with your local Educate Idaho Network
    group and attend meetings to keep up on further developments with this initiative and other educational activities. Find their contact information at
  • Connect with your local College and Careers and
    Coffee group or start one.

For more information go to Next Steps Idaho at or contact
Shirley Biladeau at the Idaho Commission for Libraries -- 208-639-4149 or