Did You Know!?

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A recent event prompted me to prepare a summary of "some" of the continuing education activities that the Idaho Commission for Libraries provides.  In turn, this led me to start this post.  Rather than overwhelm you with the myriad of continuing education resources available, I thought that each week, I will do a "Did You Know!?" blog post.  So here goes ..  The Idaho Commission for Libraries offers a virtual buffet of continuing education resources ... in the next couple of weeks, you will see a daily post with a morsel or two of information.

First, did you know there are 20 Idaho MLIS students participating in the University of North Texas SWIM Cohort.  This cohort originated as collaborative grant among South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana -- hence SWIM!  In total there are about 75 participants from the 4 states.  Sixteen of the Idaho participants have received assistance from the IMLS SWIM grant, while others in the cohort decided that an MLIS was an important goal for them regardless of the cost.  Most will be completing their studies next summer. 

Congratulations to any Idaho MLIS student -- going to school and working -- there is no life for two years, but at the end the Idaho library community benefits as the level of library sustainability will be raised for Idaho communities.  The knowledge and skills these students bring to their libraries results in expanded programming and services to meet the growing needs of their communities.

Are you interested in pursuing an MLIS?  A new cohort for Emporia can be started -- we just need 10 interested individuals from Idaho -- if you are interested contact Shirley Biladeau - shirley.biladeau@libraries.idaho.gov.