Green Libraries -- a Progress Report

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Monika Antonelli provides an excellent overview regarding progress and initiatives focusing on the "greening" of libraries in the most recent Electronic Green Journal.

Antonelli's article "The Green Library Movement: An Overview
and Beyond" reviews initiatives focusing on green library buidling, programs, courses and associations. She provides an extensive reference links with links to websites, as well as refers to individuals such as Thomas Freyat the DaVinci Institute.

Here are some items that caught my eye:

Libraries Building Sustainable Communities
Green Library Buildings
Green Library Programming

There is much more .. Cup by Cup -- an environmental presentation for ALA's winter meeting in January and going green at the annual ALA conference to be held later this year in Chicago!

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    Postulates the theory of

    Postulates the theory of Green Library Management as it applies to the key functions of the library. This theory has been put into practice at the University of Mauritius Library. Reviews some of the “green” measures applied in the administration of the Reference Library and makes further proposals. In integrating the concepts of sustainability, it draws attention to the need for a meeting point between the principles of environmental studies and library studies in the merging modern library management process.

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    My Green School Library

    I am in the process of "greening" my school library. I am librarian at Meridian Academy alternative school. I got 3 grants and have used the money to build a circulation desk out of recycled materials, we recycled book shelves, and I have book stands out of used skateboards and the furniture is out of snowboards! I even have a trash can and clock made out of skateboards.
    The magazine rack is on the wall and I used recycled metal to constuct a fun
    way to display magazines. Women of Steel helped me with this.
    It is going to be a very cool space!

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    Can you post pictures? I'd love to see what you've done. I checked on the school site and didn't find any. I can't stop by because I live in Northern Idaho. Thanks.