Infopeople and Amigos

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The Idaho Commission for Libraries, through a grant from the Library and Services Technology Act, Institute of Museum and Library Services, is now providing access to Infopeople and Amigos courses for members of the Idaho Library Community.  Read further to find out how to qualify and access the courses:

  • Work for a publicly funded library in Idaho
  • Check out the Infopeople or Amigos course catalog
  • Get approved to receive a course code by completing a COURSE REQUEST FORM at  (requests must be submitted 20 days in advance of the beginning of the course)
  • Once approved, register for the course through the appropriate vendor using the provided course code
  • Complete the subsequent follow-up reports required by the Idaho Commission for Libraries

Upon completion of the online course there are two required follow-up surveys to complete, One immediately following the course and then one at six-months.  If you have any questions, please contact Shirley Biladeau at