The One-Person Library

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The March 2009 issue of the One-Person Library newsletter provided as its swan song a list of many resources for those of you who find yourself in such a situation! The important thing to remember is you are not alone -- there is a wealth of information available at your fingertips. Here are just a few you might consider reviewing:

Books on Solo Librarianship
Managing the NEW One-Person Library (1992) by Guy St. Clair and Joan Williamson
The Essential OPL 1998-2004 by Judith A. Siess

Lone Wolf Librarian
The Solo Librarian
The Corporate Librarian
OPL Plus


SOLO Librarian Division, Special Libraries Association

Solo Librarianship: Unique Challenges and Opportunities for New Librarians
by Kristina Keogh
PART 3: “Influence Pyramid” and the Solo Librarian…03.02.09