SWIM Scholarship Recipients Take on Leadership Roles!

Shirley Biladeau's picture

Several Idaho scholarship recipients in the SWIM Cohort took up the reigns of leadership at the Southwest Idaho Library Association (SWILA) spring conference on February 9, 2011.

Colleen Bonnell and Kristine Brumley presented their stories on the Pursuing an MLS Degree—First Steps panel - along with Lizzy Smith, Gena Marker and Fiona May who are also participating in the University of North Texas MLIS cohort.  Twenty individuals listened to their personal stories, which included challenges and successes as well as encouraging others to work toward their educational goals. 

Some of the common themes expressed by the panel members included:

  • “I just didn’t really understand how much time and commitment this project would take – but I am glad I am doing it.”
  • “Really important to have the support of family and work colleagues/managers.”
  • “I have learned so much and the neat thing is that I get to implement it in my daily work activities, right away.”

Kate Baker took the leadership role as SWILA planning committee chair and also presented the workshop “The great good place: Developing your Library as a Community Destination.”   Megan Egbert, presented the workshop “Technology Assistance through Community Involvement.”  

These enthusiastic members have taken up the reigns of leadership and will be asset to the Idaho library community.   Thank you for your contributions.