Technology and Time Management

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Using Technology for Time Management: Tools and Techniques for Library Staff and
Team, an Infopeople online course, will be offered February 19 to March 18, 2013. Would you like to use your smartphone, laptop, or tablet to help you be more efficient? Technology is making time management even easier with the availability of free and low-cost tools for time tracking, task management, goal and priority setting, and team projects. If you are interested in taking this course and would like to access a seat sponsored by the Idaho Commission for Libraries sponsored, read on.

In this popular Infopeople course, instructor Brenda Hough will:

  • Help you explore a variety of time management systems
  • Test drive web-based tools and apps
  • Develop approaches that are uniquely tailored to your style and needs
  • Discover how to use technology to keep the traditional elements of effective time management in sync with multiple devices.

For a complete course description and to register go to

Here is how to qualify:

  1. Work for a publicly funded library in Idaho
  2. Get approval to receive a course code by completing a COURSE REQUEST FORM at (approval must be secured 20 days before course begins)
  3. Register for the course through Infopeople using the provided course code
  4. Complete the subsequent follow-up reports required by the Idaho Commission for Libraries

Questions can be referred to Shirley Biladeau, Continuing Education Consultant,