Time to Think ...

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That's a luxury you say!? Yes it is. However, taking time to think, read, and explore new things is so important to our personal and professional growth.

So where is this leading? Well, you know me! It is also important to take time for continuing education! This month's issue (March 2009) of OPL - The One-Person Library provides some great food for thought -- you don't have a subscription -- go to the OPL blog for related conversation and breaking news.

Here are some highlights:

  1. How to Kill--or Help -- a Young Librarian's Love of Librarianship by Bill Drew -- relates to the concept of Libraries = Learning Organizations
  2. What is a Library? by Betsy McKenzie-- provides 7 dimensions of a library,
  3. Twelve Tools that Will Soon Go the Way of Fax and CDs by Dave Pollard
  4. And a couple of great quotes about Thinking -- Maxim Gorky & W.J. Gadpaille

So don't forget to take time to think -- to read -- and to explore new things! You won't be sorry!

Discover more of my musings on continuing education on my new blog -- Thanks to SPLAT 101 -- Moving On-CE

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    thinking essential

    Thinking is no luxury, it actually makes us more productive. So please let's all take some time to do it each and every day.