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If you didn't have a chance to attend or review the WebJunction Town Hall Forums held in December, here is a great pathfinder that provides a wealth of resources for the following topics.

  • Funding and Tight Budgets: Resources related to grants, fundraising, and budgeting for your library.
  • Demonstrating Impact: Demonstrate the impact of your library and its return on investment (ROI) to the community.
  • Meeting Patron Needs: Provide critical, supportive, enriching and entertaining services to your patrons.
  • Planning & Partnerships for Change: Anticipate crisis and change with adequate planning and with strategic partnerships in your community.
  • Staff Training & Development: Position yourself or your staff with new skills and tools to respond innovatively to tough times.

Each area includes links to WJ courses (be sure to sign in so you can take advantage of no-cost), Webinar archives, documents and discussions. For January register today for Town Hall with Staff Training Focus: Wednesday, January 28 11:00 PT/2:00 ET Register Now

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    Benefits of Tough Times Forums

    I participated in two of the forum sessions, with the idea of getting ideas on how to cope with increased needs and customer demands with no additional budget or staff. [such as the 26% increase in checkouts December 2008 over December 2007] I can't say that I gained any 'silver bullets' there, but did re-shape my vision for our LSTA grant funded Saturday morning computer sessions, based on helpful forum discussions on meeting needs. In the Fall we offered a great variety of basic computer and database training/coaching, with smallish sign-ups, but good reviews. We decided to offer a longer facilitated lab starting every Saturday morning in January using our Learning Express Library database. The emphasis is job and career skills. A press release and in-house poster generated our max of registrations for the first week, and we now have full sessions with a waiting list for the second and third. Customer survey responses were excellent. We had customers setting up an email account to facilitate online applications, people working on resumes and interviews, Microsoft Office programs and test practice for the Firefighter exams. Note that we have limited public computers for our size community, so the lab had to be before we open for general business. We just get them started with their account setup and then answer specific questions. Those with very basic how-to-use-a-computer needs will be directed to sign up for one on one coaching sessions during regular open hours weekdays.