Training Resources

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I attended Training Program Curricula' on Public Access Technology Community webinar today ~ which I found very informative. Club Digital, TEAL and are three resources I would encourage all Idaho libraries to review and and use as training tools, either for staff or for patrons.

Robert Rodriguez, Dewey Square Group, shared the site Club DigitalThey have created a bilingual interactive website with video lessons and live chats focusing on health, immigration and educational resources.  Go to to access the curriculum and tools -- it's all free -- and in both Spanish and English -- go forth and use!  Some topics include Internet Basics, Path to Citizenship, Plan Your Travel Online, Online Shopping, Online Housing Resources, Online Education Resources, Stay Safe Online, Stay Healthy with Online Resources, Boost Your Kid's Education Online, Online Communication, and much more.

Denise Hendlmyer, Texas State Library and Archives Commission, presented information about the TEAL program which focuses on training library staff in regard to digital technology.  Each webinar they present is archived online and available for viewing ... go to for the grant specific workshops and to for a completed list of archived webinars on all topics.  Also be sure to click the Curriculum Sharing button for more resources. 

Finally, go to the (  This site was launched earlier in the year and is now showing itself as a great resource for a wide range of digital literacy online (free) training resources.  One more site to bookmark, particularly if your library is involved in digital literacy coaching.