Turning the Page - Geek the Library

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Five Idaho libraries, along with 5 Washington state libraries, successfully completed the Turning the Page in November. Congratulations to Cascade Public Library, Eagle Public Library, East Bonner Library District, Gooding Public Library and Grangeville Centennial Library for pulling together a Library Community Building Team. These libraries have taken the first step in educating themselves about community building. During the six online sessions, topics such as public perceptions, leadership, telling your story, and building relationships were covered. Tools and resources were shared, plus participants interacted with other libraries, both in Idaho and Washington state.

During the final online session, Jenny Powell from Geek the Library got everyone all fired up about Geek and the resources available for libraries to promote their services via the Geek program. This will be the next step for those libraries that gained a solid footing through Turning the Page. Once a library registers with Geek, they receive one year of support through materials and consulting in regard to the community building activities. For more information about Geek go to http://get.geekthelibrary.org.